Alternative Press Expo 2014 Review | Paperlinks Press


Come on and see what’s fancy and new in the world of Comics and Self Publishing~!

This is an awesome write up about APE by the lovely and talented Rachel Ann Millar. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the expo and was promptly scolded by her for giving the Bakery Comics away to fellow artists ;) She had a beautifully made zine herself, so I highly recommend checking out her work!

She was kind enough to give me a little shout out in her write up:

This wonderful lady came to our table, chatted us up, and gave me a FREE copy of “Bakery Comics”. I was furious. This is one of the girls I was pissed off at for giving comics away. 16 pages of relatable retail nightmares, both funny and honest. Maybe it’s a little sad that I think I should have to pay for a good belly deep hyuk, but I don’t care. Molly and I are friends on Facebook now, so I can scold her until she makes me pay her duckets.

I’m so glad you liked the comics Rachel, and now I have a fire under my ass to get the final copies printed and up for sale! Stay tuned!

kozispoon asked:

Hiii! I didn't get to meet you at APE, but I saw your bakery comic on artists tables. Where can I buy a copy? I'd love to laugh along to retail nightmares!

Aw bummer we didn’t meet! I’ll be doing another print run soon, probably in the next month or so, to put up for sale online! Thanks for your interest :)

heymonster asked:

Heyo - It was so nice getting to meet you at APE this weekend and thank you so much for the copy of your bakery comics! I was laughing like a maniac for a good 5 minutes at my table. I absolutely loved it. Anyway, I hope you had a good time and keep up the amazing work!

Hi! Thank you, I love your work as well! We auto-bio-comics peeps gotta stick together ;) And thanks for the sticker as well!